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Awards for 2015:

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Harer Scholarship Winner:
Michael Nakada

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Heslett Scholarship Winner:
Trevor Reynolds

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Faculty Mentor of the Year:
Joyce Lee


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The Americanization Movement during the Progressive Era
A presentation of the many ways immigrants were indoctrinated into more "American" lifestyles from the 1890's to 1930's.

Djineva Reneau-Tuzzolino
Mentors:Peter Blakemore & George Potamianos
College of the Redwoods _______________________
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Neurolaw on Hold
An evaluation of the applicability of neuroscience in judicial court systems for determining culpability and intentionality.

Bahareh Sorouri
Mentor: Jawad Ali
Irvine Valley College

Age Undreamed: Eurasian Nomads, Gender, and Globalization
The unrecognized story of female nomads in early Eurasia.

Wyatt Bennett
Mentor: Al Smith
Modesto Junior College

The Antibacterial Effects of Grapefruit Seed Extract on Staphylococcus Areus
A comparative analysis of the antibacterial properties of grapefruit seed extract and Neosporin®.

Phuong Tran
Mentors: Karen Pesis & Lori Smith
American River College

The Rise of the eAthlete: What Online Gaming Means for the Future of Athletics
A comparative examination of the history, culture and impact of electronic versus traditional ball sports.

John Villanueva
Mentors: Liana Padilla-Wilson & Jennifer Saito

Los Medanos College

Kichwa Ecotourism: Preserving Tradition in the Globalizing World
An examination of the benefits and detriments of ecotourism on an indigenous Amazon culture.

Galen Tsongas
Mentor: Matthew Kennedy
City College of San Francisco

The Future of Geriatrics: Attachment and Robotic Caregivers
How evolving human relationships with technology could impact geriatric care.

Diego Huston-Isais
Mentor: Ann Lewis
Sacramento City College

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ISIS and Gang Activity
A presentation of the emerging international model of gang violence and global terrorism.

Jorge Mancillas
Mentors: Tanya Kravatz & Ron Ryno
San Diego Mesa College

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Sharing Is Caring: The Power and Tradition of Reciprocal Altruism
Using Ohlone culture and philosophy to investigate contemporary wealth inequality solutions.

Patrycja Szafran
Mentor: Marcy Alancraig
Cabrillo College _______________________

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Ouroboros, Interrupted: Oedipal Impulses and Devastating Dichotomies
An examination of Mary Shelly's Frankenstein through the lens of Oedipal instincts.

Beth Hightower
Mentor: Julie Pesano
De Anza College

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The Dynamic Pulse: Bringing Aleatoric Hip-Hop to Life
A performance demonstration of the use of a progressive automation clip to create music.

Matthew Lambuth
Mentor: C. Marc Blake
Los Angeles City College

Human Meltdown: Why the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster was Preventable
Using paradigm theory to analyze the psychological and cultural causes behind the catastrophe.

Zackary Crosley
Mentor: Jennifer Saito
Los Medanos College

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Dogs of War, Days of Democracy
An analysis of the use and implications of private security contractors by the U.S.

Josh Slowiczek
Mentors:Martin Morales & Richard Schubert
Cosumnes River College

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Calcium Concentrations in Drinking Water
An investigation into the variability of calcium in San Francisco Bay Area tap water.

Ciri Raguthu
Mentor: Edward Brennan
Las Positas College

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Conservatism and Fighting Global Warming: An Either/Or?
An examination of the compatibility of 19th and 20th century conservative political philosophy with aggressive climate change mitigation policy.

Jody Strait
Mentor: Bill Anelli
Modesto Junior College_______________________

Reviving a Genre: New Wave Science Fiction Writers
How Postmodernism and British and American New Wave writers revitalized science fiction.

Divyashish Kumar
Mentors: David Laderman & Mitchell Smith
College of San Mateo

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