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To have had the honor of reading every proposal submitted to the Research Symposium for the last six years was a seriously interesting experience.  The students taught me so much.   My understanding of our world and how it works was enlarged, and even more important, I shared in the excitement of the student researchers as they explored their chosen topics.  As a writer,  I celebrated the beautifully wrought phrase, the uncommon use of a word, the strong pulse of intellectual rigor --  the ability to make a 150 word proposal sing.  Thank you to all the students, faculty members, counselors, family members and friends who have stood by your students as they forged their proposals and, for those selected to present, shared their work at the Symposium.  It is a thrilling experience none of us will ever forget.

- Katharine Harer
Symposium Proposal Chair - 2008-2013
Skyline College Honors Transfer Program Coordinator - 2006-2013

poster bhc symposium at stanford 2013

poster bhc symposium at berkeley 2012
Keynote Speaker
Melba Madrigal

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Program 2013

Awards for 2013:

Heslett Scholarship Winner:
Joel Van de Sande

Faculty Mentor of the Year::
Sarah Harmon


Author Photo
A Matter of Life and Death

A discussion of the materialist theory of consciousness informed by the biology of decision-making and the philosophy of freedom.

Richard Cappel
Mentor: David Lopez
American River College _______________________

Author Photo
Torn Apart: The Struggle for Reunification in Mixed-Status Families
An examination of how child welfare and federal immigration practices combine to separate undocumented parents from their U.S. citizen children.

Melody Mayer
Mentors: David Laderman & Minu Mathur
College of San Mateo

Author Photo
For Better or For Worse: Questioning Marriage From A Queer Perspective
An investigation of differing opinions within the queer community about marriage, and how heteronormativity affects assimilation into mainstream society.

Jenoah Timko
Mentors: David Laderman & Minu Mathur
College of San Mateo

Author Photo
Cléo From 5 to 7: Agnes Varda’s 1962 Landmark Film
A study of fifty years of film reviews to understand why it took so long for this film to be recognized as a feminist masterpiece.

Christina Bauss
Mentor: George Potamianos

College of the Redwoods

Author Photo
Indians for Sale: Bound Labor in 19th Century California
An exploration of the social forces that led to the enslavement of Native Californians and the impact on native communities and the state.

Evan Tucker
Mentor: Sherri Patton
Sacramento City College

Mystical Jewels of the Diné: Modern Navajo Jewelry and Spirituality
A presentation of primary research illustrating how Diné jewelry
is incorporated into Navajo ceremonial traditions.

Kelly Challand
Mentor: Liana Padilla-Wilson
Los Medanos College

Author Photo
British Neutrality During the American
Civil War

An investigation into why Great Britain remained diplomatically neutral throughout the duration of the Civil War.

Cedar Green
Mentor: Michael Mangin
Cabrillo College

Author Photo
Undocumented Workers: The Hidden Pillars of the Economy
An investigation into immigration laws targeting undocumented workers.

Rupinder Pal Singh
Mentors: Mohsen Janatpour & Steven Lehigh
College of San Mateo

Author Photo
An Evolutionary Perspective on Loneliness
An examination of loneliness as a necessary biological adaptation that motivates human beings toward
social resolution.

Emily Osborne
Mentor: Lynne Miller
MiraCosta College

Jumping for Recovery: Trampoline Rebounder Exercise
An exploration of the effectiveness of RE in helping brain injured patients improve strength, flexibility and balance.

Minh-Ai Jenny Phamhi
Mentor: Cameron Chandler
Skyline College

Shari Bookstaff, Professor of Biology, Skyline College,
Teri Vo, MD,
Cameron Chandler, Professor of Kinesiology, Skyline College

Author Photo
Those People and Their Welfare Culture
An analysis of the welfare system in the United States and the
ways in which cultural attitudes and ideologies impact its
policies and efficacy.

Samantha Zevanove
Mentor: Letitia Scott-Curtis
Cabrillo College

Are You Left or Right? A Study of the Two Hemispheres of the Brain from Infancy to Adolescence
An investigation of how the two hemispheres of the brain influence learning.

Rafi Ansara
Mentor: Cynthia Ross
Las Positas College

Author Photo
Botticelli: The Mythology of Love
A reinterpretation of Sandro Botticelli’s paintings, connecting the Renaissance and modern women to conceive a manifest of divine love.

Stephanie Angel
Mentor: Richard Serros
Modesto Junior College

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