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What we have learned from others becomes our own reflection. . . - Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Awards 2012:

Heslett Scholarship Winner
Aidan O'Leary

Faculty Mentor of the Year: Danny Ramirez

Author Photo Oedipus-aurus Rex: The Real Jurassic Park
A psychoanalytic interpretation inspired by SlovojZizek’s critique of Steven Spielberg’s film, Jurassic Park.

Daniela Dean and Matt Griffin
Mentor: Melissa Collins-Porter

Mira Costa College _______________________

Author PhotoAgronomy and Ptolemaic Public Policy: Social Mobility in Hellenistic Egypt
An examination of how the evolution of the military created opportunities for soldiers to acquire land and increase their social standing.

Nick Surber
Mentor: Michael Mangin
Cabrillo College

Author Photo
The “Open Universe” Ethics of Frank Herbert’s Dune

A presentation of the humanist and existential values found in the best science fiction, with Dune as an example.

Richard Cappel
Mentors: Katherine Rodgers and Bob Lyman

American River College ____________________

Author PhotoBarbarians and Chivalry
An analysis of the similarities of Beowulf and Sir Gawain derived primarily from their shared Christian themes.

Ziah Grace
Mentor: Letitia Scott-Curtis
Cabrillo College

Author Photo

Cryptology: An Analysis of Encryption Techniques
A critical study of various encryption techniques, identifying vital criteria to select the ideal encryption software.

David Buickian
Mentors: Thomas Voden and Michael Harnett
Glendale Community College _____________

Can a Whole Foods Vegan Diet Prevent Heart Disease?
An investigation into the relationship between diet and heart disease and a description of the founding of an Overeaters Anonymous Vegan organization.

H. Nicole Anderson
Mentor: Sami Kudsi
City College of San Francisco

The House of Representatives: Problems of Non-proportional Representation
A presentation looking at the original intention of the framers of the Constitution to increase seats in the House of Representatives in relation to population.

Paul Shibley
Mentor: Jennifer Floerke
Crafton Hills College
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