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2009 Heslett Scholarship Winner: James Wolfgang Richmond

2010 Heslett Scholarship Winner:
Melora Svoboda

2011 Heslett Scholarship Winner: Jenifer Carter

2011 Faculty Mentor of the Year:
Matt Kennedy

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Manifestation of Bipolar Affective Disorder: Post Brain Injury
Among the many debilitating psychiatric disorders, bipolar affective disorder, previously called manic-depressive illness, can be one of the most difficult to understand, and even more difficult to diagnose.

Daniel McKay
Mentor: Teresa Jacob
Grossmont College _________________________________________


Cristina Bauss
Sex for Jesus and the "New Republican Woman": the Clash of Feminism and Moral Conservatism in American Politics

An exploration of the contradictory images and rhetoric presented to voters by female Republican and Democratic political candidates in terms of sexual attractiveness, sexual freedom and sexual expression.

Cristina Bauss
Mentors: Ryan Emenaker and George Potamianos
College of the Redwoods ________________________________________










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